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I have in fact decided to completely re-do this assignment, I am going to start from scratch and base the assignment within the studio.

Secondary Proposal

I have decided to drift away from this idea, I really didn’t like the outcome of the test shoot from the original idea, so I have decided whilst I have the time, I am going to completely change the assignment. … Continue reading

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Barry M Barry M was first established in 1986, well known for it’s vibrant make-up, it specializes in eye-shadow, nail varnish and lip stick. I have chosen Barry M as my main point of focus for the Make-up side of the … Continue reading

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Chosen Photographer

As apart of the brief, one of the two main aspects I had to cover was the photographer who helped inspire me amongst the photography shoots. My chosen photographer is James Garrahan. This is down to the style behind is … Continue reading

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Contact Details

Model:- Jenny Cockerill Make-up Artist:-

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Post Production Techniques

As I have never done a photo shoot like this before, I am not entirely sure how to manipulate the final images. I have a rough idea but understand there are still plenty of things for me to learn. So … Continue reading

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As I have now decided to completely change my original idea, I have decided to focus on a different even in history. I have decided now to look at the movement of the 1970’s. This era completely brought a new … Continue reading

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Colour Scheme

The images above, are for me to treat as references on the day of the shoot. I will introduce these to the stylists before the shoot takes place and from this we will agree on segments of each image to … Continue reading

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