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How fashion has changed culture

Culture has had such a immense input within the fashion industry over time, materials such as tartan, safari scarfs etc. have been involved amongst the highest of fashion brands. The term ‘Culture’ can mean a lot of things, but in … Continue reading

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How fashion has changed society

What makes fashion unique to any other industry, is it never ends. Fashion never goes out of “Fashion” it simply reintroduces itself again in upcoming eras, by this I mean when fashion starts to out date, a new style is … Continue reading

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Test Shoot

This was my first test shoot at St. Lukes Church, the images have not been manipulated in the slightest, as I figured I didn’t want to waste my time trying to improve the idea as a whole. After photographing a … Continue reading

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Location Hunt

Since I decided to base it around the World Wars, I decided I would use the derelict remains left in Liverpool. The reason for the remains, would be due to the severe bombings that occurred during the Blitz. The Blitz … Continue reading

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World War

During secondary school, and being at the age where I can understand the true emotion behind a war, my interests began. The emotions sent out from a war are of a mixed variety, it reveals the true feelings of not … Continue reading

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Edward Steichen

Edward Steichen is one of the earliest fashion photographers, born in 1879, critics and the audience of his work would sometimes question whether some of his photography should have the label “fashion.” His work involved people of a rich variety, … Continue reading

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Corinne Day

Corinne Day is easily one of the most recognized fashion photographers. Being the founder of Kate Moss’ highly successful modeling career at the age of just 15, this rapidly improved Corinne Day’s reputation. At this moment in time, I am … Continue reading

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